Early Arrival FAQ

If my whole group wants to do Early Arrival, do we all need a pass?

Yes, one Early Arrival Pass per person.

If my children and I want to do Early Arrival, do they need to purchase an EA Pass full price?

Kids 16 & under can do Early Arrival for free, 17+ must purchase an Early Arrival Pass. Must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who has an Early Arrival Pass.

What time will gates close on Wednesday night?


What Programing Will Be Offered on Wednesday and Thursday?

Educational offerings will be the main focus during the day on Wednesday, hosting speakers, workshops, yoga and classes with special celebrations in the evenings. Plus the Grand Artique will be in full effect with their signature brand of frontier trading and shenanigans. Thursday we’ll add music in the Favela and Pagoda Bar’s and Friday the rest of the festival activities will open up. It is our hope with so many people already acclimated and fully feeling the LIB vibes that the entire festival will be more electrified with connective energy than ever before. We’ll release detailed scheduling as the festival gets closer.

Will Lightning Buses be operating on Wednesday?

The Lightning Bus will be operating on Wednesday from select cities. Check here to see if your city has a Wednesday Bus.

Can I camp with my car or RV in High Grounds Campground?

Yes, car camping is permitted in High Grounds with the purchase of a Car Camping Pass (1 pass per car) in addition to your Early Arrival Festival Pass. RV Campers will need a RV Camping Pass (1 per RV) in addition to their Early Arrival and Festival Passes. However, RV’s will be directed to a specific RV Campground upon arrival instead of the High Grounds.

Can I camp anywhere or just High Grounds Campground?

The High Grounds will be the only camp open until Thursday morning unless you have an RV Pass. RV Passes will be directed to the RV camp areas.

Can Boutique Camp purchasers arrive early?

No, Boutique Camp will not be open until Thursday. If you would like to take advantage of our Boutique Camp offerings, please arrive on Thursday (or later) and do not purchase an early arrival pass.

Will the High Grounds only be reserved for Early Entry Camping after the festival opens?

No. The High Grounds will be open to participants that arrive after Wednesday if space is available.

What is included with an Early Arrival Pass? Do I need to buy a Festival Pass in addition to my Early Entry Pass?

An Early Arrival Pass grants you onsite access Wednesday before the festival begins, but it does not include your festival entry. Early arrivers will need to purchase a festival pass alongside their early arrival pass in order to enter on Wednesday. Vehicle passes are sold separately.

Is there Family Camp for Early Arrival Pass Holders?

We will allow family camp access early for those that pre-register. Family camp registration will be available in early 2017.

by: Molly Narodick

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